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TV Grapevine & the star of daddy issues

“His latest film, Daddy Issues, shows Pifko in a whole new light: A father estranged from his daughter and the impact on their lives…A different (and darker) role than he was used to”

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Feast of fun – Daddy Issues, Muppets and Microbiology

“Pifko joins us to talk about his new film Daddy Issues - a love triangle with his own daughter’s girlfriend. Does that make it hotter …or did things get too weird?”

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Albuquerque Journal Interviews Daddy Issues' Andrew Pifko

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Huffington Post – Kim Davis’ Country Music Career

“Pifko re-imagines Davis as a country crooner in this hilarious video…“

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AfterBuzz TV interview for Daddy Issues and More Guns

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Dwight in Shining Armor Podcast - showrunners talk casting Andrew at 4:00 mark

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Hollywood North Magazine

“…Recently, Andrew has gained notable momentum in his career.. a prominent Super Bowl commercial, and recognition for his role in his latest feature film Daddy Issues

We discuss his recent successes, gain his personal insights into the entertainment industry, and share hisapproach to the creative arts…”

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Best Lead Actor - Nice, France International Film Fest Nominee


Winner - Best Actor - Salento, Italy Film Festival 2018

Winner - Best Supporting Actor - Northern Virginia Film Festival 2018